My Divorce is Amicable: Do I Still Need a Divorce Attorney?

Do I Still Need a Divorce Attorney

Not all marriages end the way we think: one party is ready to end the marriage, the other party is desperate to fix the issue or both parties are causing as much destruction as they can.

In many cases, divorces end amicably. Both parties agree on certain terms, like custody of their minor children, splitting assets, alimony, etc. If that sounds familiar, you are lucky. Having an amicable separation makes things easier for both parties in the long run. However, you may still need to hire an attorney.

Why You Still Need Representation

Choosing not to hire a divorce attorney – no matter whether you are separating from your spouse amicably or not – can be the difference between a swift, relatively painless divorce or one that drags on with seemingly endless paperwork and mistakes.

Choosing not to hire a divorce attorney is like choosing to represent yourself in any other court case: you are not familiar with the law like a lawyer. Important issues slip through the cracks and cause long-term problems. You may mishandle paperwork without realizing it or you may be unaware of small facets of you and your spouse’s financial situation. A good lawyer will be able to take all of your assets into account, handle all paperwork with care, and get you and your spouse on your way toward legal separation.

Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer if We Agree on Everything?

Unfortunately, plenty of “amicable divorces” turn into vitriolic ones. No matter how cordial a divorce may seem, the process is painful. A union between you and your spouse is ending, which is stressful. Due to the emotional nature of a divorce, you never know what the other party may be feeling. They may change their mind and attempt to reconcile. They may become angry and try to get more than their fair share or change the initial agreement. If that happens, your divorce attorney will be there to handle all of the issues.

It is in your best interest to secure a divorce lawyer to ensure all of your assets are handled. If any of the following apply to you, do not second guess yourself: hire representation for your divorce.

You Have Minor Children

Children are the number one reason you should get representation, even during an amicable divorce. Children are complicated in a divorce and ensuring their best interests are kept in mind is paramount. Even if you and your spouse decide on shared custody, it is important a lawyer is there to handle all the paperwork and keep you and most importantly, your children protected.

You or Your Spouse Own Real Estate or a Business

Real estate and business are complicated especially if one of you wants to keep the business and the other does not. Your attorney will be able to handle everything fairly.

One Party Wants or Needs Alimony

Alimony is famously complicated especially if one party has been a stay-at-home parent while the other is the primary income provider. Your divorce attorney will ensure you get what you are legally owed.

Separate Smoothly and Painlessly

Even if you have an amicable divorce, separating from your spouse is never easy. With the help of Gottlieb, Johnston, Beam & Dal Ponte, PLL, you can maintain peace of mind knowing that we are dealing with the legal side of your separation.

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