Real estate attorneys in Zanesville, Ohio, Gottlieb, Johnston, Beam & Dal Ponte, P.L.L., have more than 50 years of experience handling commercial and residential real estate issues. Whether you need a purchase agreement, land contract, a title exam or the writing of a lease, we have the dedicated staff and experienced attorneys to handle all your residential and commercial property needs.

What is a real estate lawyer?

They are attorneys that provide legal services to real estate agents, developers, lenders, property management companies, as well as business and home owners. When a property transaction is completed, a real estate lawyer will be involved in negotiating the terms of the contract and drafting all necessary closing documents. The attorney will also be involved in the defense of a transaction if the transaction is challenged, as well as advising clients on a variety of real estate-related topics.

What does a real estate lawyer do?

In short, they handle all of the legal work involved in buying or selling property.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney do for the Buyer?

If you are the buyer, your attorney can review your sales contract and check the title, land survey, and other documents to ensure you are protected.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer do for the Seller?

Likewise, the seller’s attorney will check the sales contract to protect the seller and address any title issues.

Attorneys for residential and commercial real estate sales

Buying a home or commercial building? Either way, it could be the biggest purchase you’ve ever made so it’s important to understand all the transaction details and contract terms. The safest way to avoid any issues is to hire an experienced attorney.

How is commercial real estate different from residential?

When buying a property, many of the concepts are the same. The biggest difference is that most commercial spaces are leased, not sold. Many commercial buildings are owned by large real estate holding companies that lease the space to different individual businesses.

Residential real estate law when buying a home

If you’re buying a house, contact a lawyer prior to signing the contract. We can review the agreement and make any needed modifications or amendments.

Commercial real estate law for commercial leases

Have an attorney review and prepare commercial lease documents to protect your rights against possible risks and challenges associated with the property.

Lawyers for buying or selling property

Contact us for assistance with these and other residential and commercial issues:

Purchase and Sales Agreements:

This includes deal terms, the title and deed, and the seller’s responsibilities.

Lease Agreements:

This would be for offices, industrial space, retail stores, shopping centers, warehouses, and more.

New Construction Agreements:

This is to review documents and contracts prepared by builders.

Eminent Domain:

This is if the government is trying to take private property for public use.

Title Insurance or Title Exams:

This is to protect buyers when the seller cannot legally transfer ownership.

Commercial Lease Disputes:

This would be to enforce your rights as outlined in a lease through negotiation or litigation.

Real estate attorneys can protect a buyer or seller from financial loss

If you’re buying a commercial building for your company, there are many risks involved. Hiring a lawyer can protect your interests and save you money by negotiating pricing and making sure the contract is fair.

Our real estate attorneys help buyers and sellers in Zanesville, Ohio, and have the knowledge and experience to resolve disputes involving property matters either before trial or at trial. Contact Gottlieb, Johnston, Beam & Dal Ponte, P.L.L. to discuss your purchase or sales transaction.