What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit occurs when a large group of people suffer similar injuries because of a single individual or company’s negligence. In these cases, one or several people sue on behalf of the entire group. If they win, everyone wins. Maybe you’ve seen commercials on TV for asbestos and mesothelioma, or you remember the… Read more »

What is a Civil Suit?

Unlike a criminal case, which seeks punishment, a civil case pursues compensation. A civil action starts when one individual (the plaintiff) files a complaint against another individual (the defendant) for some wrongdoing that caused harm or did not fulfill a contract. Both sides are referred to as “parties” or “litigants.” Who can file a civil… Read more »

Power of Attorney Can Help Grandparents Care for Grandchildren in Zanesville, Ohio

When parents are not able to properly care for their children in Zanesville, Ohio, sometimes the grandparents need to step in. In some cases, parents want help caring for their kids so there are no issues. Unfortunately, there are other situations when grandparents need to go through the courts to try and have children legally… Read more »

Zanesville, Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Law

To legally drive in Ohio, you must comply with the requirements of Ohio’s “financial responsibility” law. This means you must be able to show that you can pay for injuries or damages you may cause to others if you are responsible for an accident. How will someone know if I don’t have car insurance? If… Read more »

Changing Child Custody Agreements in Zanesville, Ohio

In Ohio, it is possible to modify a previously ordered child custody and parenting time arrangement at any time. Many factors, however, determine what might be necessary to accomplish a modification of a previous order in your case. When a parent files for sole custody of a child, the parent must prove that he or… Read more »

Appealing Your Social Security Application Denial

If your application for Social Security benefits has been denied, you are not alone. In fact, roughly two-thirds of all initial Social Security applications are denied. The important thing to remember is a denial does not mean you cannot eventually win. What is the difference between SSI and Social Security Disability (SSDI)? Both provide cash… Read more »