In the area of criminal justice, promptness and trust are perhaps the two most important traits for a law firm. These traits set Gottlieb, Johnston, Beam and Dal Ponte, PLL apart from others when it comes to criminal defense. Our trusted criminal defense attorneys have a fine tradition of providing prompt and zealous representation, protecting the rights of those accused of criminal misconduct–from serious felony cases to misdemeanor cases including traffic offenses. Our criminal defense attorneys draw from a broad range of prior legal experience within and outside the criminal justice system. Our attorneys are accustomed, not only to the local courts, but travel regionally throughout the state to defend cases in both state and federal courts.

Please call us today for prompt answers and action to address your own unique criminal law situation.There are oftentimes important pre-trial issues and appropriate motions which must be timely filed and which may significantly improve a defendant’s situation. Our respected criminal defense attorneys are ready to fight for those facing extremely stressful circumstances which may lead to the loss of personal freedom, costly fines, and harrowing consequences for their families.

For those clients not satisfied with prior case results, Gottlieb, Johnston, Beam and Dal Ponte, PLL also offers attorneys who will file criminal appeals in the appropriate courts for judicial review in the pursuit of justice. In some cases, prior criminal convictions can be expunged from the record. Our criminal defense attorneys also assist clients in getting records expunged.